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Muldagaliev Talgat Zhumasitovich


Semey State Medical Institute (1992-1998). Faculty of General Medicine. Specialty: psychiatrist-psychotherapist.


Scientific degrees:

Candidate of Medical Sciences - 2009

Theme of the Ph.D. thesis: «Neurophysiological features of the development of depressive syndrome in young people of the Semipalatinsk region» 03.00.13 –physiology


Work experience:

1998-2000 –clinical traineeship at the department of clinical pharmacology, psychiatry of Semipalatinsk State Medical Institute.

2002-2005 –psychotherapist in the RSBSE "Scientific-Research Institute of Radiation Medicine and Ecology", Semey.

2005-2006 – junior research officerat the Scientific-Research Institute of Radiation Medicine and Ecology.

2006-2010 –the chief of Computer Programming department ofScientific-Research Institute of Radiation Medicine and Ecology.

03.2010 –the chief of the Department of State automated medical register.

10.2010–Deputy Director for clinical works of Scientific-Research Institute of Radiation Medicine and Ecology.

07.2011 – Deputy Director for research and clinical works of Scientific-Research Institute of Radiation Medicine and Ecology.

06.2019 – Director of the Scientific Research Institute for Radiation Medicine and Ecology of the non-commercial joint-stock company «Semey Medical University»


Author of more than 70 scientific articles, 11 of them in international journals, including the prestigious editions offar and near abroad, materials of conferences and symposia held in Kazakhstan, Japan, Russia, Europe.



1. Diploma of the Akim of Semey A. Karimov, «Денсаулық сақтау саласындағы жемісті жұмысы, халыққа медициналық қызмет көрсетуге қосқан үлесі үшін және Медицина қызметкері күніне байланысты» (For fruitful work in the healthcare system, for contribution to the provision of medical services to the population and to the Health Worker Day) 2011.

2. The badge «Excellent Worker of Public Health» of The Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2014

3. Professor of the Russian Academy of Natural History, 2015

4. Anniversary medal «25 years of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan», 2016