1.Semey State Medical Institute (1978-1984). Specialty: Pediatrician.

2. University "Kaynar" (2003-2005). Specialty: economist



Candidate of Medical Sciences - 1993

Thesis: "Features of the immune status of the workers engaged in the production of primary processing of wool due to the hygienic conditions of work" on a specialty 14.00.07. - Hygiene, 14.00.36 - Allergy, Immunology.


Doctor of Medical Science - 1999

Theme of the doctoral dissertation: "Radiation-hygienic and medical and demographic parallels the formation of health of the Semipalatinsk region exposed to radiation during tests of nuclear weapons" in the specialty 14.00.07. - Hygiene.


Professor since 2010.


Work Experience

1985-1986 – Physician in the fourth Children's City Hospital in Semipalatinsk.

1985-1987 – Senior laboratory assistant of the Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Semipalatinsk Medical Institute.

1987-1989 – Director Borodulikha (Semipalatinsk region) Medical School.

1989-1993 – Assistant of general hygiene department SSMI, then - the assistant to the rector.

1993 – ConsultantSemipalatinskregionaladministration.

1993 – Vice Director for Research Institute of Radiation Medicine and Ecology.

Since May 2001 Apsalikov K.N. heads the Institute of Radiation Medicine and Ecology.


Author of over 200 scientific articles, including more than 30 international publications, including the prestigious journalsCIS and foreign countries, conferences and symposia held in Kazakhstan, Japan, Russia, USA, Germany, UK.



1.A badge «Excellent in Health care of the Republic of Kazakhstan» for outstanding contributions to health care of population ofthe Republic of Kazakhstan. TheMinistryofHealth, 2000.

2. Certificate for successful work and personal contribution to the development of health care and public health in the Semipalatinsk region, active participation in public life of the city. Akim Semipalatinsk N. Omarov. 2005

3. A badge«For conscientious work» for his contribution to the prosperity of the Academy. StateMedicalAcademyofSemey, 2008

4. Certificate«For active life position, for perfectlong-term work in health care system, a huge personal contribution to the development and prosperity of the Institute of radiation medicine and ecology".Chairman of the city trade union organization of health workers, 2009

5. A badge «For contribution to the development of health care system» Ministry of Health, 2009

6. Certificate«For conscientious work and success in activities aimed at improving the health of population affected by nuclear tests at the Semipalatinsk test site»Akim of EKR, 2010.

7. Letter of thanks «For the contribution to the implementation of joint activities on the preparation and conduct of the Third Islamic Conference, has successfully carried out in the framework of cooperation, with the participation of Ministers of Health of 57 countries of the Islamic world» Ministry of Health. 15.12.2011.

8. Letter of thanks «For participation in the organizing and conducting of International Forum Nuclear-free world» Akim of Semey, 2011.

9. Badge “For merits in development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, The Ministry of Education and Science of RK, 2015

10. Honored Worker of Science and Education of the Russian Academy of Natural Science, 2016