Rehabilitation Department




Education: In 1999 graduated from the medical faculty of Semipalatinsk State Medical Institute on specialty “physician”.

Physician-therapist of the 1st category (2013).


Work activity:

1999-2003 гг. – general practitioner at FMA «Aidar» (Georgievka)

2003-2004 – doctor – intern at Zharma Central Regional Hospital

2004-2011 – head of therapeutic department  at Zharma Central Regional Hospital

2011-2013 – head of department of the branch office JSC «Railway Hospital of Disaster Medicine», Semey

08.2013-05.2014 – physician – therapist at the Scientific Research Institute for Radiation Medicine and Ecology

06.2014 – head of rehabilitation department at SRI for Radiation Medicine and Ecology


She is the author of more than 12 scientific articles published in local scientific journals and in the materials of conferences and symposiums held in Kazakhstan.

Nurgaliyeva V.K. has an extensive theoretical and practical experience of the doctor – organizer of healthcare. She constantly improves her professional knowledge. She is held in respect and authority at the clinical and scientific departments of SRI for Radiation Medicine and Ecology.



She is awarded the certificates of Honor of the Department of Health of East Kazakhstan region and diplomas of district and regional akimats.


Rehabilitation Department

 In 2002 the Institute has opened a hospital for 45 beds. Currently, there are 40 beds in the hospital: 30 beds in all-day hospital and 10 beds in day-care hospital.

Rehabilitation treatment in the hospital in a timely manner helps to restore and keep the health, reducing early disability, morbidity and mortality, and increasing the working age and life expectancy of the population of exposed areas.