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Semey State Medical University. Faculty: "General Medicine". Specialty "General Medicine" (2010-2015). Graduated internship in the specialty: "General Surgery" (2015-2017).


2015 - 2017 – Internship at the Department of General Surgery of Semey State Medical University.

2017 - until the present– Junior Research Officer of Scientific Research Institute for Radiation Medicine and Ecology.

03.2017 - until the present – Secretary of Regional interdepartmental Expert Council.    



Certificate of Semey State Medical University for the first place at the international scientific-practical conference in the section "Pediatrics" with a scientific work on the theme: "Abstinence syndrome in newborns" 2015.


Regional interdepartmental expert council activity

Regional interdepartmental expert council, which functions at SRI RMaE since 2000, conducts expert and advisory work on evaluation of connections ofdiseases, disability and mortality from radiation factors.

Regional interdepartmental expert council is a collegial body composed of membersof SRI RMaE and representatives of other health care organizations.


The main condition for determining the possibility of determining ofdisease causality with exposure is legally confirmed fact of residence and duration of residence ofartificial person in one of the zones of radiation risk (with the calculated effective equivalent dose).

The calculation of the individual effective doses of specific individuals, formed as a result of nuclear tests at the Semipalatinsk test site conducted according to methodology developed by specialists of SRI of radiation medicine and ecology (approved by the MoH of RK 19.11.2010). This methodology is adapted to the basic provisions of the Law of RK dated18.12.1992, № 1787 -XII "On social protection of citizens affected by the nuclear tests atthe Semipalatinsk nuclear test site" on allocationof areas affected districts of three regions of Kazakhstan to radiation risk the areas.