9-11 November 2015 in Munich, Germany was held the 7th MELODI (Multidisciplinary European Low Dose Initiative) Workshop «Next Generation Radiation Protection Research».

In the framework of the workshop was conducted section «SEMI-NUC - Prospective Cohort Study of Residents near the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site». The stuff of our institute Muldagaliev T.Zh., Belikhina T.I. and Lipikhina A.V. were invited to participate in this workshop.

            The aim of the SEMI-NUC project is to assess the feasibility of establishing a long-term prospective cohort to study the health effects of low-to-moderate dose rate radiation exposures that resulted from the testing of nuclear weapons at the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site (SNTS) in eastern Kazakhstan. During this meeting we will present an overview of the work performed so far, available sources of data and biological samples, and suggestions for future research.

At the section on SEMI-NUC were heard the following reports:

- A. Kesminiene, Introduction to the SEMI-NUC Project,

- A.V. Lipikhina, Registry of population living around SNTS: an important infrastructure for studies of low-dose effects,

- B. Grosche, Feasibility of establishing a unified cohort of residents around SNTS for future studies: registries of exposed populations,

- E. Ostroumova, Perspectives for studying long-term health effects of exposure to fallout from SNTS,

- S. Shinkarev, Dose reconstruction approach for epidemiological studies of the SNTS population: lessons learned and perspectives for improvement,

- S. Baatout, Biological samples and their potential for using in future integrated studies,

- B. Grosche, Mortality study: updated results from the historical cohort study and further research perspectives,

- S. Simon, Dose estimation for the NCI thyroid disease screening study: accounting for dosimetric uncertainties,

The project SEMI-NUC is being completed next year, in this regard we are expecting the visit of the main partners on this project to our institute in the spring.

16 november 2015

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