A meeting of WHO Regional Office for Europe was held on November 11-12 2015 in Bonn, Germany on the theme: «Environmentally sustainable health systems»

Zhakupova Sh.B junior researcher of our institute was invited to participate in this meeting.

Health systems are an essential condition for improving, restoring and maintaining a high level of human health. Health organizations should be the leaders in the field of environmental sustainability.

WHO Regional Office for Europe is drafting the strategic document «Environmentally sustainable health systems», which reflects the basic actions for the development of "green" health system.

At this meeting was presented the experiences of the Member States in reducing the environmental load of health organizations. A report on Kazakhstan's experience in the environmental sustainability of the health system and radio-ecological situation in Kazakhstan was presented by our colleague. There have also been offered directions necessary for inclusion in the strategy document. By the end of 2016 after discussing the final draft of document the strategy document «Environmentally sustainable health systems» is planned to put into action. 

15 november 2015

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