Happy Medical Worker’s Day!

Human health has always been the greatest capital, the basis of a full life. It is no coincidence that one of the main things that people wish each other it is good health. The challenge of realizing this wish rests on the shoulders of glorious community of health workers we belong to and whose dedication, instinct, an insightful glimpse and right decisions sometimes does wonders.

Medicine at all times is primarily professionalism, dedication, kindness, honesty, and mercy, but life goes on. In today's competitive environment, you need to meet "doubly" its high standards. Without exaggeration, we can say, win the one who properly and timely will be able to demonstrate knowledge and the most powerful human qualities. Medical professionals are able to work, and most importantly, to create, and as the wise man said: "creativity - a real, deep and true joy that a person can always experience in this life".

We wish you continued good health, family well-being, professional growth, indispensable success in achieving the plans in the name of the most noble and humane profession on earth.



Director of SRI RMandE Apsalikov K.N.

16 june 2016

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