Ranking for 2013

As a result of ranking the medical institutions of science and medical universities of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan according to the indicators of research and innovation activities for 2013:

- among 33 medical institutions of science and education Scientific Research Institute for Radiation Medicine and Ecology took the 2nd place with the total score of 6,4 points (1st place – KSCQZD (6,7 points), 3rd place – RSPC MSPDA (1,6 points));

- among 20 organizations of medical science of clinical profile SRI for Radiation Medicine and Ecology took the 1st place.


The ranking is based on a number of indicators:

  1. the number of research projects;
  2. the number of publications in international peer-reviewed scientific journals indexed in an authoritative databases of scientific information (Web of Knowledge, Scopus, Springer, RSCI);
  3. citation of scientific papers over the last 5 years (2009 – 2013);
  4. the number of patents and other protection documents;
  5. the number of scientific developments;
  6. the level of commercialization of scientific developments and innovation and translation of new knowledge and technologies into the healthcare system;
  7. the level of participation in international conferences and forums by the organization's staff and students.
24 april 2014

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