State scientific automated medical register (SSAMR)



Candidate of biological sciences



In 1991 graduated Tomsk Polytechnic Institute named after S.M Kirov, specialty – physicist-engineer.


Thesis: «The radioecological situation and evaluation of dose loads from long-term effects of radionuclides in Semipalatinsk nuclear test site (on the example of the Abay district) » on specialty 03.00.13. - Ecology.

Year of title assignment: the diploma of the RF - in 2006, the diploma of RK - 2011


Author of more than 50 scientific articles, 11 of them in international journals, including the prestigious editions of far and near abroad, in materials of conferences and the symposiums held in Kazakhstan, Russia, USA and Europe.


1. Diploma of the Minister of Health«for the fruitful work in the health care system, for a contribution to providing medical serviceto the population andto the day of medical worker» 2011.

2. Badge “High Achiever of Health Care”, The Ministry of Healthcare of RK, 2014

3. Professor of the Russian Academy of Natural Science, 2015


History of the Department

State Scientific automated medical register (SSAMR) was established in 2003 at the SRI RMaE with the participation of specialists from Radiation Effects Research Foundation (Radiation Effects Research Foundation, Hiroshima, Japan). With their assistance, developed a computer program, installed the server for data storage.

The basis for the creation ofSSAMR is the Law of RK dated December18, 1992 № 1787 - № XII «On social protection of citizens affected by the nuclear tests atSemipalatinsk test site», as amended on 16.11.1999, Articles 4,5,17.

SSAMR registered in the Register of the Committee on Intellectual Property Rights, Ministry of Justiceof RK (certificate of state registration № 253 on March 19, 2010).By order of the Ministry of Communications and Information № 327 on April 12, 2010 SSAMR registered as an object of intellectual property rights of RSBSE «SRI RMaE» on March 25, 2010 at № KZ-B-10-0000003.

Analogue of this register is register ofsufferers in Japan, Russian Regional Medical Dosimetry registers in Tomsk, Chelyabinsk, Chernobyl register (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia).

In the period of 2007-2010 Institute carried out STP «Developing of scientific programs to improve the Stateautomated medical register of population ofKazakhstan,exposed to ionizing radiation and medical and social monitoring during remote consequences».

The purpose of creation of register is to provide long-term, automated, personal account of those directly exposed to the effects of radiation from nuclear tests at the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site, and their future generations, by indicating received radiation doses and medical information for the dynamic monitoring of their health status.

Information included in the registerdatabase, includes passport information, radiation route, registrants sib, occupation, official documents and its number, dosimetric data and medical data on the results of comprehensive research, carried out by SRI RMaE diagnostic department stuffand during the screening tests; in the case of death - its cause. Each person included in the registry database, have a unique number.

On the data in the register for each resident of the database by using the dose calculation program it is possible to calculate total effective equivalent dose.

Database updated by the SSAMR stuff in cooperation with public health, social security and directly with public agencies on the place of residence.The information in the database is recorded byprimary paper and passes the verification procedure to avoid duplication and technical errors.


The practical significance

Register data analysis predicts the dynamics of morbidity and mortality among certain categories of people, to conduct the further study of radiological, medical and demographic and socio-psychological situation in the contaminated areas.Due to registration and monitoring almost all people exposed to the effects of radiation are under constant medical control, and have the opportunity to take an in-depth medical examination and rehabilitation treatment at the SRI RMaE.


For the data entering, it is necessary to apply the primary health-care institutions at the place of residence, where filled out the Registration card, which is delivered to the SRI RMaE.

Registration card is filled out on persons,

  1. living in the regions specified in the Law«On social protection of citizens affected by the nuclear tests atSemipalatinsk test site»(Articles 4-10);
  2. having the identity paper confirming the right to privileges and compensations to the victim as a result of nuclear tests at SNTS (polygon ID / ecological certificate) or documents proving the facts of birth and living in the areas affected by nuclear tests, according to the Law.

Registration Card is filled outby an example on the basis of original documents:

  1. required documents - identity paper confirming the right to privileges and compensations to the victim as a result of nuclear tests at SNTS (polygon ID), identity card and/or certificate of birth;
  2. additional - marriage licenseif available,service record toconfirm the individual labour activitiesin the regions specified in the Lаw;
  3. scanned documents or copies of documents are attached to registration card.

Register has personal passport and registration and medical data on more than 317 000 people exposed to radiation as a result of nuclear weapon tests.