Department of Management Research (DMR)



History of the Department

In 1960 under the supervision of Chief Physician of Dispensary № 4 A.A Smirnov there is created medical department in Dispensary. Department staff conducted medical examinations of the population of different regions adjacent to the polygon. Department conducts research on the effects of radiation factors on health of people living in areas of influence of Semipalatinsk test site.

A great contribution on study of health effects of the Semipalatinsk test site has researchers of Dispensary, and then of scientific-research institute such as Kaymak N.I,Gusev B.I, Bukhtiyarova T.O, Goltser V.M, Bukhtiyarov N.A, Kavretsky G.G, Ponomarev L.M, Ibraev N.S, Gnoevoyih V.I, Galich B.V, Rozenson R.I.


Currently, the Department consists of : the sector of biostatistics and clinical epidemiology, evidence-based medicine and patent-information work and sector of innovation.


Areas of study:

• Development of criteria for evaluation the direct and indirect radiation exposure of the population and their descendants.

• Identification of clinical and epidemiological markers of ionizing radiation on the population level for cancer and somatic diseases and their ranking according to the radiation dose.

• Evaluation of the combination of effects of radiation and non-radiation factors on the human body. Calculation and evaluation of radiation risks on cancer and somatic exposure effects of controlled population.

• Development of medium and long-term programs to minimize the effects of nuclear sites.

• Formation of database based on the results of clinical studies characterizing the dynamics of health and demographic indicators of the health of the population living inradio-ecological disadvantageareas.

• Evaluation of somatic effects of radiation exposure on population exposed to a different range of doses.

• Searching for biomarkers of ionizing radiation. Studying the pathogenetic mechanisms of formation of long-term post-radiation effects.

• Development of effective methods of treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of the affected population.


Research work:

STP "Methods of complex medical and genetic indication and prevention of radiation-induced effects among descendants of those exposed persons" (customer MOH).Duration: 2010-2012.

SRW "An epidemiological study of persons exposed to ionizing radiation and committed suicide operations in the East Kazakhstan region" (01.11.2011 - 31.12.2011), jointly with the Scientific and Practical RepublicCentre for psychiatry, psychotherapy and addiction.

STP "Development of science-based technologies to minimize environmental risk to prevent adverse effects to human health" (jointly with State Medical University of Semey). Implementation period: 2012-2014.

Grant "Prospective cohort study of residents near the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site-feasibility" (jointly with the International Agency for Research on Cancer, World Health OrganizationAgency. (01.04.2013-31.03.2015).

The agreement with RSE "National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan" of Kazakhstan Agency for Atomic Energy to perform SRW "Reconstruction of dose loads on population ofAzgir region to evaluate the effects of nuclear testing" (2013).

Cooperation agreement with Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs) on the project "Human Consequences of the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site" (2013).